Phuket town is the center of Phuket island about transportation it is very easy to go around Phuket cause the location is in the middle. Phuket town has the most famous place it’s called “Phuket old town” if you want to see the original cultures through traditional architecture, the oldest traditional restaurants, pharmacy, hotel, traditional houses, and museum you must come to Phuket old town.
      The government has ruled to maintain the building by prohibiting the building to be replaced. It can only be renovated but
need to keep the original style. The most famous universities in the south of Thailand are located in Phuket town including the
provincial school. Phuket town also has many beaches as well. Normally people who live in Phuket town if don’t want to go out of this zone can go to the beach too, do a picnic, and work out running around the beach. There is also has pier (Koh Siray) going to another island. If you like Phuket’s traditional culture and convenient life Phuket town is a place we recommend.

Ao Makham / Panwa Cape / Ao Yon


Koh Sire

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