Villa Qabalah (Pa-Sak, Phuket)                                                            Starting Price ฿ 15 M.
  • 24hrs-CCTV (security cameras)
  • Health Centre
  • Yoga & Sauna
  • Cafe & restaurant
  • Smart door-lock
  • Juristic Management
  • Pet-friendly outdoor area
  • Tree O’clock cafe & kitchen
  • Multifunction room
  • Rooftop farm & garden 
Villa Qabalah has 3 type
  • Villa01 MOSS: 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living&Dining, Mineral Pool, Rooftop Garden 237.8 Sqm.
  • Villa02 FERN: 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Living&Dining, Mineral Pool, Rooftop Garden 369 Sqm.
  • Villa03 PINE:  4 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, Living&Dining, Mineral Pool, Rooftop Garden 573.8 Sqm.


      The land allocation is predpminantly dedicated to the green public spaces and amenities rather than on commercial purposes. Nevertheless, we focus on building wholesome and sustainable life for residents, neighbors and locals.
      Qabalah is rooted from ancient Hebrew’s word “Qibel”, pronounced as “Kab-ba-la.” From a religious point of view, it is the interpretation/explanation of the bible and its teaching by word of mouth before anything was written. It is also a spiritual teaching of life's mystery, its origin and meaning of living life and how you can imply and improve that on your experience on earth. It clarifies the relationship between human and nature. Although the interpretation of Qabalah is varied for each culture, the main core is still centering on peacefulness among the living.
      Villa Qabalah Project believes in the natural power of healing mentally and physically. We have been depending on nature to live, to survive and to heal for as long as we can remember. We realise that nature is the most essential part of human’s life. We respect the philosophy therefore we implement that ideal and correspondingly create this project.
Public clubhouse ( Tree O’clock Bar & Restaurant, Yoga Meditation Room / Multipurpose room , Co-working Space, Business Meeting Room, Sauna, Free WI-FI)
      At tree O’clock, we select the best produces daily from our local communities: Our concept of “Healthy/Fresh food and sustainable harvests from local”, From Asian to international menu, we keep our schedule open all day long.

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